Accident Investigations

Since it’s founding in 1968, C.R. Cushing & Co. has had a long history of investigating accidents and catastrophes at sea.  We can provide 3-D animations to simulate the sequences of accidents.

Accidents that C. R. Cushing & Co. has investigated:

  • Accident reconstruction
  • Study of the structural failure and sinking of a tanker for the Liberian government.
  • Investigation, analysis and solution to bottom shell cracking problems on a class of eight containerships.
  • Study and repair design of a major structural failure in a double bottom of an ITB tank barge.
  • Study of the sinking of the tanker Spartan Lady.
  • Investigation into the structural failure of a tanker which grounded in the Houston Ship Channel.
  • Study of the grounding and damage to the tanker Sea Saint.
  • Investigation of the corrosion rates of ULCCs and VLCCs.
  • Investigation of the capsizing and subsequent sinking of containerships, including the Munchen, the Poet, and the Tuxpan.
  • Studied the alleged grounding and total collapse of the hull girder of a tanker.
  • Investigation of buckling and subsequent break up of a bulk carrier.
  • Studied the alleged break up and disappearance of a four year old containership.
  • Investigated the cause of the capsizing of a cruise ship subsequent to a grounding.
  • Carried out several investigations of capsizings and sinkings of ocean barges while under tow.
  • Investigated numerous cargo losses, cargo damages and personal injuries.
  • Analyzed the arrangement of mooring lines and mooring line strength for containership on which mooring lines broke.
  • Sinking of the Ukrainian bulkcarrier Salvadore Allende.
  • Loss of containers containing highly toxic chemicals from the Santa Clar.a
  • Exxon Valdez grounding and track analyses, causes for grounding, double hull analysis, testimony cases held in Anchorage and in Houston.
  • Sundancer sinking analysis.
  • The sinking of the M/V Golden Chariot.
  • The loss of the tanker Hawaiian Patriot.
  • Seaworthiness of the tanker Alsterstern.
  • Risk analysis and testimony in asbestos and benzene cases.
  • Causes for the grounding of the M/V Mantinia.
  • Causes for the loss of the deck cargo from the M/V Captain Panos.
  • A study of the fire on the passenger ship Rotterdam.
  • Technical assistance concerning the charter party dispute on the M/V Dan Xia Shan.
  • Technical analysis of the sinking of the tanker PRESTIGE.
  • Analysis of the hull failure and sinking of the M/V MSC CARLA.
  • Analyses on the fire and explosions on several vessels due to the spontaneous combustion of calcium hypochlorite.
  • An analysis of the capsizing of the pilot boat GALTEX.
  • Collision M/V Virgo  
  • Grounding M/V White Sea
  • Stand alone (Independent) collision investigations involving these vessels: Nirint Progress, Linda E, M/V Jorita, and a Hess Barge.

naval pic 1 Analysis of the sinking of the tanker PRESTIGE

naval pic 2Exxon Valdez grounding accident analysis and reconstruction

naval pic 2Analysis of the hull failure and sinking of the M/V MSC CARLA

naval pic 2 An analysis of the capsizing of the pilot boat GALTEX