Passenger Vessels and Ferries

Most recently, C. R. Cushing & Co. prepared a preliminary design for a 2,200 passenger cruise ship for an American company. From surveys to ship evaluations to modification designs, we pride ourselves in making our client’s visions a reality.

Examples of our previous projects include:

  • Performed surveys, ship evaluations, and modification designs of the U.S. flag passenger ships S.S. Constitution and Independence.
  • Carried out survey and conversion design of the S.S. America.
  • Provided technical services relating to the preliminary design of a 300 passenger ferry.
  • Prepared preliminary design, specifications, working drawings and yard supervision in the conversion of the Theodore Herzog to the cruise vessel Mardi Gras.
  • Prepared plans and specifications for the conversion of a cargo vessel for the Eastern Mediterranean.
  • Carried out design and specification negotiation, plan approval, and construction supervision of a 35 meter luxury motor yacht.
  • Conducted technical and safety assessments aboard SSC Radisson Diamond, the world’s first SWATH cruise ship.
  • Conducted condition surveys and feasibility studies for the sale of passenger vessels for use in the Mediterranean Sea as a foreign flag vessel.
  • Carried out on-hire survey of Vera Cruz I and condition survey of T.S.S. Santa Rosa for Bermuda Star Line.
  • Review design and approve plans for Hong Kong high speed ferries.
  • Condition survey of the M/V Independence, 138 passenger commuter ferry converted from a crew boat, to determine the suitability of ferry operation in New York harbor.
  • Surveyed numerous passenger ferries as candidates for conversion for a ferry in the Port of New York.
  • Conducted safety  and technical assessments aboard various cruise ships for Commodore Cruise Line.
  • Conducted both safety and technical assessments aboard the cruise ship M/V Future Seas.
  • Developed and approved design of sponsons and modifications to a 40 year old passenger vessel to meet statutory requirements.
  • Analyzed intact and damage stability aspects and provided technical support in arbitration concerning a major modification of a passenger ship.
  • Supervised stability test, prepared sea trial agenda, supervised sea trial, and prepared sea trial report and maneuvering diagrams and information for navigation of a modern cruise ship.
  • Evaluated the stability and supervised the stability test of a 63 ft. passenger ferry for U.S. Coast Guard approval.
  • Measure and evaluate stern and shaft vibrations on the S.S. Caribe.
  • Surveyed existing and analyzed proposed ferry services between Yucatan and Cozumel.
  • Obtained U.S. Coast Guard approvals for ferry Oliver Twist.
  • Accomplished contract design for modernization of steering system of the U.S. Coast Guard Governor’s Island ferry M/V Tide.
  • Surveyed and prepared valuations of U.S. ferries for a major U.S. bank.
  • Performed preliminary conversion design of a crew boat to a ferry.
  • Studied feasibility of a high speed steel U.S. flag car ferry.
  • Provided contract design, general arrangement, and specifications to the National Park Service for an all-weather ferry in New York Harbor.
  • Provided design services for modification of prison ferries at Riker's Island for the New York City Department of Corrections.
  • Provided engineering services to RCCL for cruise vessels Sovereign of the Seas and Monarch of the Seas.






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