Tankers (Product, Crude, and Chemical Carriers)

Since it’s founding in 1968, C. R. Cushing & Co. has had a long history with tankers including Product, Crude, and Chemical Carriers.  We have carried out ship design, and construction for a range of deadweight of tankers. We also provide the service of conversion designs, reconstruction, and evaluations for a wide variety of tankers.

Examples of our previous projects include:

  • Carried out major conversion and upgrading of a product/chemical tanker to new vessel standards of the U.S. Coast Guard, including the joining of a tanker stern to an ITB forebody.
  • Prepared conversion designs for several classes of tankers.
  • Carried out reconstruction design of 120,000 ton deadweight tankers from single to double hull configuration.
  • Prepared concept design of a forebody for a class of 125,000 ton deadweight tankers.
  • Carried out design of 20,000 ton deadweight tankers for U.S. flag operation.
  • Developed design of double hull VLCC’s.
  • Evaluated several existing single hull tankers for operation in U.S. jurisdiction, including determining options for modification to carry desired products.
  • Designed a 225,000 ton deadweight double hull oil tanker.
  • Carried out the design and construction supervision of a fleet of OBOs.
  • Designed and supervised the construction of an 80,000 DWT OBO, with the first Sulzer RTA diesel.
  • Prepared plans and specifications, and carried out technical, safety and environmental studies for the construction of three 125,000 cubic meter LNG vessels.
  • Carried out preliminary design for lengthening of a U.S. flag oil tanker.
  • Performed preliminary design of a 30,000 DWT clean product tanker for a U.S. owner.
  • Developed conversion designs for tankers to meet requirements of IOPP and MARPOL, including implementation of inert gas systems, segregated ballast systems, spill detection systems, crude oil washing and crew training procedures.
  • Carried out plan approval for a 40,000 barrel double hull tank barge.
  • Determined suitability of various noxious liquid substances (NLS) with the features of existing product or chemical carriers and advised about the modifications which would be necessary to carry the desired product.
  • Prepared a design for the conversion of a petroleum tanker to a sulfur tanker.
  • Developed preliminary and contract design for a 24,000 ton deadweight, U.S. flag sulfur carrier; carried out shipyard bid analysis, and negotiated specification with shipyard.
  • Carried out numerous on line/off line, damage and condition surveys on tankers.
  • Analyzed the circumstances concerning the sinking of several tankers.
  • Prepared re-engining studies on several tankers.
  • Investigated the conversion of a tanker for the transport of tallow.
  • Developed a fendering system for a class of OBOs.
  • Performed preliminary concept design for conversion of a product carrier to an asphalt carrier.
  • Evaluated a class of new tankers for a major ship financing institution.
  • Investigation and repair of a major structural failure in a double bottom hull of an ITB tank barge.
  • Prepared tank barge cargo oil heating retrofit with thermal fluid system.
  • Redesign the rudder on a VLCC.
  • Designed a floating storage tanker.
  • Carried out a survey of floating storage tankers.
  • Studied the corrosion rates in tankers.
  • Studied and surveyed a VLCC for causes of contamination of product cargoes.
  • Designed a series of oil spill recovery vessels, oil spill pick-up equipment, and oily water separators.
  • Provided inspection and owner’s representation for re-activation of LNG carriers.
  • Concept design development of a 20,000 - 30,000 DWT clean product tanker to meet the requirements of the U.S. Navy's Replacement Program.
  • Obtained U.S.C.G. approval of vapor recovery system installed on a tanker.
  • Prepared tanker freeboard calculation.
  • Prepared damage stability response system for a fleet of LNG tank vessels.
  • Provided technical assistance on the first series of Double Eagle Tankers.







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